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Special offer - 2 for the price of 1 throughout May on London's Battle of Britain walking tour!

Battle of Britain Tours is pleased to announce the launch a special 2 for 1 offer in May for its walking tour in Central London.

From Monday 1 May until Wednesday 31 May, you can now take part in an exciting and inspirational walking tour in Central London. As the target of Luftwaffe aerial attacks in the dramatic summer of 1940, you will see and hear what is was like for pilots like Tony Bartley and others in 92 squadron to defend London against overwhelming odds as a Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot.

[See left - Anthony Charles 'Tony' Bartley, 92 squadron]

Each walking tour includes:

  • personalised attention from your local expert guide, Dr Anthony Medhurst, throughout the tour

  • a visit to key sites in Westminster, the Embankment and Mayfair which record and commemorate the story of the Battle and the men who fought and died

  • the opportunity to hear the stories of airmen like Tony Bartley and others in 92 squadron who fought against overwhelming odds against a determined foe

  • a visit to a pub frequented by 92 squadron and other Battle of Britain fighter pilots in 1940 and from where you can view pilots' reports written after aerial combat

Anthony Medhurst said:

"I have interviewed a number of pilots and read extensive archival and personal accounts of the Battle of Britain, including those of Bartley's 92 squadron. This special walking tour in London will enable you to learn not only about the severe challenges faced by this nation from Nazi invaders in 1940, but also the impact of combat on RAF pilots like Tony Bartley who were tasked with its defence. The stories of Churchill's 'Few' - the importance of comradeship, as well as personal bravery and sacrifice - inspired me all those years ago and continues to do so to this very day. I know that it will inspire you too"

[Members of 92 squadron celebrating Battle of Britain Day, 1941]

London walking tours are held twice a day between Monday and Friday and start at 10.30am and 2pm. If you would like further information, please visit, call 07852 765901 or email

Your tour will be confirmed when a minimum of two people have booked. If you prefer to have a private tour for your own group of friends, family or colleagues, please contact Anthony for further details.

[Brian Kingcombe and Geoff Wellum, 92 Squadron]

Photos courtesy of the Battle of Britain monument.

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