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1 DAY TOUR - Squadron Scramble

This one day coach tour in East Kent which is aimed specifically at Schools and other large groups will give you an oversight of all main elements of the fighter pilot’s experience in the Battle of Britain and in a location exactly where the fighting took place. This includes visiting the Battle of Britain museum and cemetery at Hawkinge, as well as the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne.  

White Cliffs of Dover 


A location that means so much to so many - an iconic symbol of England; a beacon of hope and home-coming; a target for enemy bombing; a place over which intense aerial combat was fought and where many lives were lost.  Dover's White Cliffs provides a memorable starting point for our Battle of Britain Tours.

White Cliffs of Doveer Alamy_1600x701.jpg

Kent Battle of Britain Museum


The Kent Battle of Britain Museum is one of the most impressive private museums in the world dedicated to the heroes of 1940. Located in Hawkinge and housed in some original buildings such as the Watch Office, this former RAF station houses an incredible collection of RAF Battle of Britain memorability like nothing else you will see during our tours. These include remains of aircraft recovered from crash sites in Kent - RAF and Luftwaffe; personal artefacts and collectables from the pilots themselves; uniforms and personal stories and so much more. 


Hawkinge Cemetery


During the Battle, RAF Hawkinge was not only an aerodrome used as a forward base for combat patrols, but also the nearest airfield for Spitfire and Hurricane pilots who were desperately low on fuel or who urgently needed to land their badly damaged aircraft.

Pay your respects to those who lost their lives in combat and who now lie, side by side, with friends and foes alike.  This peaceful site is adjacent to Hawkinge aerodrome and is lovingly maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  You will hear some of the personal stories of Spitfire and Hurricane pilots who once fought in the skies over East Kent and are now at rest here.


The Jackdaw Inn


Enjoy lunch at this historic and charming pub that featured in the 1969 film 'The Battle of Britain' with Christopher Plummer and Suzannah York and showcases a variety of Spitfire memorabilia.

Set in the picturesque village of Denton, just outside of Canterbury, The Jackdaw offers a warm, friendly welcome and a contemporary bar and restaurant. 

Jackdaw pub.jpg

The Battle of Britain Memorial


This impressive cliff top memorial was the brainchild of Wing Commander Geoffrey Page, a Hurricane pilot of 56 Squadron who fought and was badly injured in the Battle of Britain. ​Opened in March 2015, this eye-catching building was designed in the shape of a Spitfire wing, complete with its famous uplift.

The site includes the impressive Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris commemorative wall which highlights the names of all 2937 aircrew who flew in the Battle. There is an impressive visitor centre which is home to The Scramble Experience; inter-active records of everyone who received the Battle of Britain clasp; life-size replicas of a Spitfire, as well as the Hurricane, 'Little Willie', which flown by Geoffrey Page in the Battle.  Last, but by no means least, you can admire the statue of a pilot looking out to the Channel who represents all the men of Fighter Command in 1940. 

Pilot statue.jpg

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